In the Land of Wombats

July 2, 2012 (written by H because I was beside myself)

WOMBATS! Trundling in the wild! Munching on the grass! Rubbing against the trees! Shake-shake-shaking! Squee!!!

Short legged juggernauts of cuteness! Tiny little tail, huge burrows! Squarish poo… Everywhere!!!

A little smelly. Wombat hygiene is questionable. But so many redeeming characteristics! I followed one around through the grass and around trees and up the hill side. I didn’t pet him, but I think I could have — he walked very close by on his way to the hill. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!


One Response to “In the Land of Wombats”

  1. (0v0) Says:

    Wombat scat =
    poo cubes.

    Who knew?